If you have problem to connect try this:
1. Run "rs_stats.exe" as administrator
2. Delete "iphlpapi.dll" in the same folder that you have "rs_stats.exe"

  1. To connect and disconnect press here
  2. To join a room just dubbelclick on the room name
  3. Type your message here and press enter or press the send button
  4. Messages will show up here
  5. To send a private message press the name
    buddy online
    buddy playing

    Right click to bring out the menu

  6. Bring out the option window
  7. Refresh the pings to room in list
  8. Reset your recorded stats
  9. To host a game
  10. To set your status as away from keyboard (on minimize it will set it as away automatic)

To change the options in rsstats (not many)

Pager to send private message to a ueser on the list and to view his stats

Room where you can chat and launch the game

To view game info just right click on player playing and select "game info"

2346 To host Rogue Spear games

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